About Us Overview

Drishtikone Services Private Limited is one of the leading professional hospital marketing group which works in major hospital's in central India, Our group associated with more than 30+ hospital's and super speciality clinics. In the group most of qualified Professionals from corporate hospitals & health care industry, It is one of the leading group in central India to work for Secondary Healthcare & Tertiary Healthcare, Our team works in 15 Major locations at Central India. We are the pioneer to provide complete hospital and health care marketing services.

Our network works in entire Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Vidarbha, West Bengal, Oddisha Region, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and Mahakaushal region mostly.


AROGYAM HEALTH has been working since 2010, in the field of hospitals & Health care industry, In last 10 years, its provide Branding, Promotional & Marketing services to Major hospitals in central India as well as other location.

We can say it’s a complete marketing services group to work for Hospital & Health care division.

AROGYAM HEALTH Presently works under the leadership of Mr. Sunil Dahiya. Right know AH associated with 30 plus Hospitals and mainly focused for marketing & consultancy services.

Now AROGYAM HEALTH associated with DSPL (Drishtikone Service Private Limited) for future expansion & Growth of the company .

Our Vision

  • To provide the best logical services to our clients.
  • To provide the complete scenerio of hospital marketing.
  • To embedded the hospitals with unique ideas.
  • To provide the best mankind power for hospitals.
  • To make the ability to be an entrepreneurial thinking.
  • To make the best Customer Relationship Management

Our Mission

  • Is to provide complete "IT" Solutions to our valuable clients.
  • TO Provide the complete infrastructure of hospital management.
  • To provide the best and technical support to our clients.
  • To Provide the best communication between hospital & patients.
  • To provide the soft tectrics with hard working mankind.
  • To manage all the hospital management activities.



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Team Strength

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